Checking Account Register 

From the System Main Menu: 

  1. [C] - Checking Account 
  2. [C] - Checking Account Register 

The system displays the last page of the checking account register. The user can from this point execute several features to maintain the church checking register. 


Available system keys:  

[F5] Edit Transaction 
Pop up the appropriate editing screen and retrieve the transaction. Proceed to the Checking Account Check Window. 

[Atl-A] [Atl-C] [Atl-T] [F6] Next Transaction Keys 
These keys are used to tell system to display the appropriate screen for the entry of a new transaction. The [Atl-A|C|T] keys will display, respectively, the appropriate screen for the next adjustment, check and transfer filling in the transaction number and date. [F6] key, depending on the transaction highlighted, will display the next new transaction of the highlighted transaction type. 

[F9] - Show the Reconciliation Screen

[F10] - Exit the Register and return to the Checking Account Menu