Editing Family Data 

  1. From the System Main Menu: [F] - Families
  2. Type the Family-name at the Family: prompt, press [Enter]
  3. Move to the desired family and press [Enter] 
  4. Move to the desired family member and press the [F5] key 

Data concerning each family can be entered on the Edit Family Data Screen shown below. Move to the desired field and enter or edit the data there. 

  Press the 

[Up] - Move member up one position in family order
[Dn] - Move member down one position in family order
[Add] - Show member selection dialog
[Del] - Remove member from family
[Qwk] - Facilitates adding family members to the member list.  Pressing this button will add all the family members in the Quick add family members text box separated by semi-colons, e.g.: Joseph; Mary; James
[F2] key to save the data to the disk or press the 
[F10] key to exit without saving the member data.