From the System Main Menu: [Alt-T] - Income Tax 

The end of the year is normally the toughest time of the year for treasurers. The preparation of year-end receipts is usually a very taxing time. Hope for the Treasurer now eliminates all the fuss and headaches associated with this time of the year. The system will compute all the year end receipts excluding non-charitable contributions made to the church. The system allows for printing out to a blank or a preprinted form at the user's selection. Contributions can be grouped if required to show the contributors how the contributions have been recorded. 

Report Type: 

[F] - Print complete text receipts with the total amount filled in to a blank sheet assumed to be 3 2/3" x 8.5 continuous fan-folded sheets. The system fills in the contributor's name, address and total charitable contribution in the form and prints an additional line for the treasurer to sign. 
[3] - Same as above but the form is considered to be singled or continuous 8 1/2" x 11" forms. Three receipts are printed to each sheet and the sheet is then ejected from the printer. This is the normal case for laser printed receipts. 
[P] - Print to a pre-printed form breaking the user's contribution into the Groupings defined on the screen. The pre-printed forms have the church's name and address already printed on them. The system prints the groupings totals and the total contribution to the church with the member's name and address. 
[B] - Same as above but the system prints out the entire receipt including the church's name and address.
[M] - Print complete information as above on a mailer. The mailing addresses for the church and member are correctly printed on the mailers, and the breakdown of the member's contributions are printed in the message area of the mailer. The mailer is a pre-stuffed envelope with carbons suitably placed to transfer the data to the correct areas and plies. This precludes the user from having to stuff envelopes to provide privacy in passing out the year-end receipt and facilitates mailing the receipts to members who do not pick up their receipts at church. 
[Layout] - Income Tax Layout dialog.  Use this screen to change the layout for the income tax report.

Output Device: 

[S] - Display the receipts to the screen. 
[P] - Print the receipts to the printer. 
[F] - Write the receipts to the file HOPE-TAX. 
[H] - Save the receipts to a file that can be browsed on the screen. 

Selection Range: - Leave these areas blank to print receipts for all contributors. If a range of user is desired, enter the first to last contributors in the fields. These entries could be entered similarly to "A" to "M" and "Mason" to "Mulberry". - Entering a member ID number will prepare a year-end receipt for that specific member. If the user ID number is not known, enter his last name at the first selection parameter and then press the [F7] key to obtain a list of users matching the name entered along with their ID numbers.