System Security

Access Keystrokes - Button clicks
    [Alt]+[S] - [Setup/Utilities]
    [Alt]+[U] - [Security Information] 

Access to the system is controlled by userids and passwords.  Different groups/individuals can be assigned different userids and passwords to control what modules and what rights they have in each module.  The system user has all rights and is the only one allow to access this screen.

  None The user is not allow to access the module
  Read The user can only read reports or data previously entered
  Modify Existing data can be changed but not added nor deleted
  Write The user can add new data to the system
  All The user has full add, modify, and/or delete rights.


Available system keys:  
    [F2] - to save the system security information and exit the screen 
    [F10] - to exit the screen without saving the entry