From the System Main Menu: [S] - Setup/Utilities 

The Utilities Screen can be reached from the Main Menu Screen and from many of the other modules. The Utilities allows the user to change many of the operating specifications of the system. Items such as the numbers of lines shown on the screen and printed on reports are addressed on this screen. On the fly backup and restoration of data and resorting of the member and families can be performed here. Changing the date format, enabling external MS Office applications can  requested using this screen. 

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[License the System] - to access the License the Screen
[Configure the System] - to access the Configure System Screens
[Envelope Utilities] - to access the Envelope Utility Dialog
[Initialize New Year] - to initialize the database for the new year
[Transfer Balances] - transfer ending balances from last year to starting balances for this year.
[Lineitems] - Lineitems Setup Dialog
[Budget Allocations] - Budget Allocations
[Import/Export/Backup/Synch Data] - to access the Import and Export Data
[Accessory Files] - Accessories Files
[Security Information] - Security Information
[Sabbath School] - Setup the difference Sabbath School classes.
[F10] - Leave this screen and return to Main Menu